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The Videos 86>98 + home video

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Mute Records

Disc 1
01. Interview
02. Stripped
03. A Question Of Lust
04. A Question Of Time
05. Strangelove
06. Never Let Me Down Again
07. Behind The Wheel
08. Little 15
09. Everything Counts (from "101")
10. Personal Jesus
11. Enjoy The Silence
12. Policy Of Truth
13. World In My Eyes
14. I Feel You
15. Walking In My Shoes
16. Condemnation (Live)
17. In Your Room
18. Barrel Of A Gun
19. It's No Good
20. Home
21. Useless
22. Only When I Lose Myself
23. A Short Film / The Singles 86>98 Electronic Press Kit (E.P.K.)

Disc 2
01. But Not Tonight (music video)
02. Strangelove '88 (music video)
03. One Caress (music video)
04. Condemnation (Paris Mix) (music video)
05. Violator (electronic press kit)
06. Songs Of Faith And Devotion (electronic press kit)
07. Ultra (electronic press kit)
08. Rush (easter egg)

The replacement for the original The Videos 86 > 98 release. Disc one is identical to the original release. The highlight here is disc two of the DVD, which featured clips never before available on DVD.
If you explore the second DVD disc, you will find (track 10) the "Rush" easter egg. It is a nice little (one minute) montage of the various graphics the design firm Intro created for "The Singles" releases, set to a re-edited version of the song "Rush".
The original DVD issue was in a cardboard slipcase. The 2005 reissue is in a simple plastic case.

The US release is identical to the UK release, except the US release is missing the "Rush" easter egg.

This title was not released in Japan.

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